Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Problem Areas

When trying to figure out how your workout regimen should be like, I like to suggest to figure out what's called your "problem areas." Let's pop in your Mean Girls DVD and fast forward to the part where they're congregated in Regina George's bedroom, crowded and staring into the mirror complaining about their calves, "man shoulders" and "huge pores." Not that pores are relevant to fitness, but i'm just saying. ;) Every girl has problem areas -- or at least one area -- that they wish were different, better or just non-existent.

I suggest looking in the mirror -- wait. Don't do this during "girl week"! Otherwise, EVERYTHING is a problem area! Lol.

Damn hormones.

Forget what you see in the magazines .. forget what you see on TV .. forget what "a perfect model's body" is supposed to look like because the damn thing doesn't even exist, believe it or not! In other words, don't compare yourself to another body and say "god, i want her body!" because every body is different. Literally. Everyone's genes are different. Your first step is to figure out your problem areas. Because these become your "target areas" that you focus on more.

Okay, so look at yourself in the mirror .. preferably with a bikini on .. or hell, do it naked, who cares, ain't nobody watching you! (Hopefully?) ;) Look in the mirror and examine yourself. What do you NOT like? and no, "everything" is not a valid answer. ;) Like, let's examine me real quick as an example ...

  • I want my track star thighs back. Desperately. I'm going to have to train hard to get them back, but i can deal with that. In due time! I gotta lose the weight first. But definitely -- my thighs? They're a problem. My boyfriend begs to differ -- apparently my legs are one of his favorite body parts of mine. For me though, i think they could be a little more shapely like they used to be. I want my hamstrings back, i need my inner thighs to not be kickin it so close together and i need my strong, sculpted quads back. *Adds THIGHS to her Problem Areas list* .. CHECK.
  • My Shoulders. What the hell happened to my collar bone?! I happened to be looking at a picture of me from about 6 years ago .. I had some definition to my shoulders. My shoulders were one of my best features actually. They were broad, but athletic and shapely -- they had some dimension and helped my posture and frame stand better. You could actually see my COLLAR BONE ... which .. *looks in the mirror* you can't really see anymore. My shoulders used to be a lot more defined -- i want that back.
  • My developing "double chin" -- okay, that's stretching the truth. I don't have a double chin .. YET. I can see it .. give it another year or two and if i keep eating like shit, it'll develop. I used to have some good definition in my jawline -- no contouring from makeup was needed! Now, i have no definition at all. Sure sign i gained weight. Motherfu----!
  • My flabby ass arms. I hate my arms. I always have. I never had skinny arms, even when I was "skinny." I don't know what it is, but my arms were never my best feature. I used to have to work the hell outta my triceps to get some sorta definition when I was training for track -- i need that back. If anything, i had a great set of deltoids (that round "ball"-looking part of your arms near the shoulders. I need some definition in my arms PRONTO. It's what makes me conscious when i take pictures :T It's what makes me feel chubbier than i really am :T *sigh*
  • My stomach. *pinches fat* i feel squishy. :T dammit. Being a runner, core training was a huge part of our workout at least twice a week. My abs were like a washboard. They were an even mix between toned and muscular -- deep definition but not super rock hard. The best part about my abs though? My obliques. Think Nicole Scherzinger or PINK. They were sculpted like they were made to be there. But now?! shit, practically nonexistent!! I'ma have to work my ass off for those back *smh*
  • My back. You know your ass gained some weight when you twist around and there's practically a roll of fat just RIGHT THERE, created from the twist you just did with your body. Effin unattractive when you're in a swimsuit, i tell you! I don't care so much for my upper back -- more my mid-to-lower back. I used to have amazing definition in that area -- it's all gone. FAIL!
The rest of my body is fine -- i'm happy with it and can live with it. These are my problem areas that i'm aiming to change, improve, and define. First and foremost though -- i gotta work this extra weight off! And again, as i mentioned previously in an old post -- cardio cardio cardio. But pretty soon, i'm gonna hit the weights -- weight training twice a week makes a huge difference in your workouts. It helps burn fat faster -- if you're doing it right.

Now, this isn't an exercise to pick at your worst features okay? This is for you to pick and choose what you can live with and what you feel the need to change. Baby steps, ya'll, Baby steps!!! ;)

Stay Thick!
xoxo, Thick Chick


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