Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Intro :: Stage 1 - GET IT TOGETHER!

Well here we go. I finally decided to make a blog about how I feel about anything and everything related to fitness and health -- from a Thick Chick point of view.

Before I get started and before you misconstrue what this blog is about, I want to be clear about what my main objectives are.

First and foremost, just in case you didn't catch on, i'm a thick girl. And when i mean THICK, i don't mean FAT. Although, i'm sure some of you would disagree on that term. But let's put it this way: i've been called THICK all my life. I've actually never been called FAT. I've been told I gained weight, but I've never actually heard "You're fat." The only time I am ever referred to as FAT is when some hater is digging down my throat because they have nothing else to say. I'm one of those females who have a pretty face and a nice body. But when i say "nice body" i don't mean SKINNY. To me, a nice body is one that fits the person's personality, confidence and personal beauty -- a body they personally feel comfortable in. I don't believe in the whole "Skinny = Beautiful" bullshit. I believe that all women are beautiful in their own right. You don't have to be a Size 00 or a Size 16 -- it doesn't matter. No matter what size you are, what matters is that you're happy with yourself.

That being said, to me, THICK is not FAT. Thick isn't CHUBBY either. It's kind of in the middle. You know, a girl who's proportioned in most of the right places, if not all. She can have a skinny waist with big hips or a nice ass with skinnier legs. The Urban Dictionary definition of THICK is:

A woman with a perfect body, filled-in in places that are, by nature, designed to attract the opposite sex, such as the thighs, the hips, the breasts, and the most lovely part of all, the booty.

I couldn't agree more. To me, a Thick Chick is a girl with curves in all the right places -- she is not FAT, she is not SKINNY. She has all the right equipment and knows how to use it all to her advantage, no matter what the case.

Ladies, are YOU a THICK CHICK?

I know I am!!

And if you disagree, I therefore challenge you to submit your response to a congregation full of African-American men who have called me THICK since they noticed i had booty.

Just sayin'.

So, one of my main objectives with this blog is to not only embrace the fact that thick chicks are a rarity, but to also embrace the fact that we need to maintain the thickness. This doesn't mean you have to lose weight or gain weight. It just means you gotta keep ya game up and stay lookin right. It doesn't matter what food you eat, just as long as you watch yourself and keep ya ass movin'! You don't have to have a set of 8-pack abs or muscular legs -- men like a little cushion anyway. ;) Not that you gotta be pillow soft either, but you feel me, right? You gotta stay toned up and FIT. And as we get older ladies, don't lie, the good shit starts to sag!! So for me, being in my late-20s and what not, i feel the need to start toning up again so that nothing sags. I've seen some women out there that are in their 30s lookin like they're 40. Mm-mmm honey, that is NOT cute.

This blog will consist of tips, experiences, gym session logs, and some random knowledge I wanna share with all of you. I'm hoping to reach out to all of you out there who can easily relate. Ladies, we gotta take care of our bodies. They wasn't lyin when they said it was a temple!! ;)

See you soon! :)

Stay Thick!
xoxo, ThickChick


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