Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Gym Sesh :: it's the hardest of them all.

Since i'm just starting out again with working out and staying fit, i'm trying to start off slow. For the first week, i'm pretty much testing my body out to see what it can handle right now. I'm trying to focus the most on Cardio because that's what's gonna shave off those extra pounds and fat before I start officially weight training.

My weight workout for now is pretty mild. I don't have a lot of upper body strength to begin with so i don't want to strain my body the first week and then have to go through the day with my arms feeling like jello. One of my main goals is actually to get rid of my arm "flab" so within the next month, I plan on having a strict weight workout for my upper body. No joke, I wore a shirt the other day that used to look fabulous on me. But because of my arm flab, it just wasn't gonna fly to wear it without something over it. That's how you know you're feelin' uncomfortable -- when you're wearing clothes just to "coer up" as opposed to making a fashion statement. WOMP.

So for now, i'm just doing a light weight workout while i'm still trying to get back into working out. It's not good to stress your body too fast. :)

My main focuses right now are cutting down the weight in my stomach area and shaving off some extra fat that's hangin around before I start toning up. I'm focused on Cardio more than anything because that's what helps me lose fat the most and the fastest. You'll have to know your body to know how you should start out, but if you're unsure, i suggest hopping on a treadmill and doing a light jog just to test your stamina. You'll figure it out almost instantly how out of shape you are and what your body will need to jump start itself to building your stamina. The more you build stamina, the easier your workouts will be and little shit like walking up stairs won't get you winded. :)

Side Note: I also cut down majorly on my "diet." I hate calling it a diet, but I guess in retrospect, that's really what it is. I'll elaborate on my next post what i've been eating lately. :)

Stay Thick!
xoxo, ThickChick


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