Monday, March 12, 2012

LOVIN' IT :: Almond Milk

Milk is really not all that bad for you to be completely honest, but I was looking for a healthier alternative because i actually really love WHOLE or 2% Milk and that has more fat than Skim Milk -- which i honestly HATE. LOL I love Soy Milk because it's much sweeter and just tastes better with a lot of the "healthier" cereal on the market these days. Soy Milk can unfortunately pack some unwanted calories, but it's still great for you. The flavored ones are the ones with more calories and unfortunately i happen to love both Vanilla and Chocolate flavored Soy Milk. I'm at a loss at this point if you can't tell, LOL.

If you flip back to my last grocery shopping trip, i picked up some Light Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. Which was GREAT, i really loved it, it was 90cal per serving and it was more versatile than i expected. Then i considered trying some Vegan things in my diet, just to get my feet wet. A friend of mine recommended Almond Milk. I always heard about it, but i guess i was perfectly happy with my Vanilla Soy Milk, even if it was LIGHT and not the regular one.

I decided to give it a go -- i had a coupon for it so it was cheaper than usual and i find it the cheapest at Target. If you know anything about me, you know that Target is like, one of my most favorite stores EVER. ;) lol.

I couldn't venture out completely, haha. I chose Silk and Vanilla flavor since that's what i'm used to, LOL! I suppose it's not a huge change, but still! ;) Almond anything is good for you -- it's heart healthy, lowers cholesterol (which is more for my Mom, not me, so that's another reason i bought it). Comparing it to my Light Silk Vanilla Soy Milk, it's much thicker and sweeter. I love them both, i can't pick which one i like more! They taste amazing with my Chai Tea though. Flavor-wise, i'd choose the Almond Milk, but they're both really great and are the same calorie count per serving, so you're really just basing your decision on which one you think tastes better? lol. I suppose it depends what you're using it for. I like the Soy Milk for cereal, but i like this Almond Milk business simply just to drink it, whether it be in Tea, Coffee or by itself.

I'd give it a go.. you may like it. :)

Stay Thick!
xoxo, Thick Chick


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