Friday, March 9, 2012

Give your pantry a HEALTHY MAKEOVER!

I found this article in AllYou and thought i'd share because I'm all about trading guilty pleasures for healthier alternatives. Some people take advantage of the "easy" foods out there because they're faster and easier, but what they're forgetting is that it's just all part of the lazy conspiracy America has going on with its consumers, LOL. Hopefully you guys find this info as helpful as I did. :)

"Give your pantry a HEALTHY MAKEOVER!"
AllYou Magazine
(not the complete article, just the important parts and vital info!)

LOSE THE ... Canned Albacore Tuna -- Instead, STOCK ... Canned Chunk Light Tuna

Both types of tuna are good sources of lean protein and work great in salads, sandwiches and casseroles. Chunk Light comes from smaller fish, giving it about a third of the amount of mercury. It's also cheaper!

LOSE THE ... Flavored Instant Oatmeal -- Instead, STOCK ... Quick-cooking Oats

Oatmeal packets, although convenient and fast, are more expensive and less versatile. You can use the oats for muffins, cookies, fruit crisps, even meatloaf. You can also flavor them yourself with fresh fruits and honey.

LOSE THE ... Pre-packaged onion dip -- Instead, STOCK ... Jarred Salsa

They cost the same, but salsa has less calories per serving. We're talking 20 calories vs. 120 calories. There are also additives in packaged onion dip, whereas Salsa is much more fresh.

LOSE THE ... Bottled Salad Dressing -- Instead, STOCK ... Olive, Vinegar, Spices

It's quicker and more inexpensive to make your own vinaigrette and you have the option to flavor it as you wish with different spices. Bottled dressings often have preservatives and other "undesirable" ingredients.

LOSE THE ... Reduced-fat Peanut Butter -- Instead, STOCK ... Natural Peanut Butter

Reduced fat doesn't mean it's healthier. Taking fat out means the manufacturers replace it with additives, which usually means they're adding sugar. A serving of natural peanut butter has more fat, but it's heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, aka GOOD FAT! ;) Additives are basically empty calories, so they're useless. Plus, reduced-fat costs the same as natural. :)

LOSE THE ... Boxed-rice Side Dishes -- Instead, STOCK ... Brown Rice, Spices

Packaged rice makes one dish and are more expensive per box. Since Brown Rice can be bland and not flavorful for some people, it's super easy to flavor. Just throwing in some spices, fresh herbs and some fresh veggies can turn it into something packed with flavor, but still healthy for you. :)

LOSE THE ... Microwaved Popcorn -- Instead, STOCK ... Unpopped Popcorn Kernels

Microwave popcorn varies in calories and fat depending on the brand, but even the good ones contain palm oil, which is high in saturated fat. It's also more pricey.

LOSE THE ... Artificial Sweeteners -- Instead, STOCK .. Honey

Both are cheap, but honey has minerals, amino acids, vitamins and is free of any of the chemicals that are used to make artificial sweeteners. Honey is so strong that a little goes a long way, so it will probably last you longer also. It will also lower your cholesterol and improve your memory. ;) Hayyyy!

Stay Thick!
xoxo, Thick Chick


Michelle said...

Loving this blog, Rach. Thanks for letting us know about it on your other blog. I definitely think you should merge this with your beauty channel. I think health and beauty go hand in hand.

Rach D. said...

Thanks Michelle!!! <3

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